:. Client – Table for Two

:. Type – Web Development

:. Introduction
In our world of over 7 billion, 1 billion are suffering from hunger and malnutrition, while an equal number are facing obesity, diabetes, and other health issues related to “over-nutrition.”

Table for Two (TFT) rights this global food imbalance by simultaneously addressing these two opposing problems with a simple meal. In effect, TFT seeks to transfer our excess calories to children in need.

TFT partners with restaurants and other food establishments to serve healthy, nutritionally balanced TFT-branded meals. A HK$2 ( about US25 cents) charge is added to the price of these meals, which is used to provide school lunches for children in China and some countries in Africa including Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia, etc.

When buying a TFT-branded meal, you do good for yourself and for another less fortunate kid at the same time.

:. Client brief
The client requested a website that conveyed that neatly presented the idea behind TFT, participating restaurants, and the impact of TFT. Newsletter and links towards other social media websites of TFT was also required to be easily accessible.

:. The ARTualization
A clean colour scheme was implemented with a simple navigation bar and a neat footer to allow users to focus on the message of the organization and to showcase participating restaurants in the city. Google maps was used to provide accurate maps and easy navigation to TFT participating restaurants. A gallery page and a media page were carefully designed to highlight TFT’s past events and press coverage. Other social media content including Facebook, Blogspot and Twitter were also implemented.

Please visit the Table for Two website to see the website in action!