:. ARTually named

Branding oneself is never an easy task. Our team literally produced a mini-dictionary of possible names for our design firm, complete with definition, word roots, official pronunciation and all.

We wanted a name that spells out our mission, nature and story. It had to be versatile, catchy and simple. Versatile enough for expansion and use with different product lines. Catchy enough to stick with our clients. Simple enough for the local populace to understand.

Mindmaps, brainstorming sessions, Google wave; Wikipedia, encyclopedias, translators – you name it, we’ve tried it.

It was with much effort that we came up with ARTitude (Literally “Art with an attitude”). Unfortunately the domain was taken, and the name itself is identified with a German design firm. Good grief. Great minds think alike.

Yet the idea of embedding “art” in our word stuck, and it was not long before we came up with “ARTually”.

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:. ARTually explained

Our first consensus showed that it was our approach to art that was most important to us. We decided to further elaborate our attitude – to actualize our passion for art and to actualize the dreams of others’ by our professional skills, while remaining true, simple and cool.

Hence “ARTually” was chosen, from the word “actually”, with the triple meaning of “as an actual fact”, “at present” and “a filler used for emphasis”.

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:. ARTually: Act truly.

Our tagline embodies our mission to be true to art, to improve the world, and our story: three friends from the University of Hong Kong studying medicine and business and law, setting up something that is unrelated to their fields to work for something they truly believe in.

Actually, to act truly: we love it.

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:. ARTually conceived

Keith and Alvin, having summer internships that gave them exposure to a wide range of companies, noticed many logos and designs that could be subject to improvement. On a particularly cool summer night, they met with their old friend James for a particularly cool dinner.

So the trio decided to create a design company that offers professional and affordable solutions especially for but not limited to non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

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:. ARTually born

With our name confirmed, we worked to establish an identity that matches our philosophy. We identified with the widely understood Greek letter Omega (meaning the end, symbolising our wish to actualize our passions to get things done), and joined its bottom two ends together to form a lower case letter “a” rotated 90 degrees – the first letter of ARTually, the first letter of the English alphabet, and an omega that is more complete than the Greek one, while avoiding the multiple religious associations of “Alpha and Omega”.

Thus our logo embodies our philosophy to be meticulous with every detail of our clients from the beginning to the end, going an extra mile with an added touch of social consciousness in getting things done.