:. Client – Green Monday

:. Type – Web Development

:. Introduction
Green Monday is a project to encourage healthy, environmentally friendly living in Hong Kong. It starts with going meatless on Mondays—an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. We also suggest other low carbon lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint even more. It’s all about small steps, just one day a week.

:. Client brief
Green Monday asked for a website that is clean, fresh and vibrant. Most important, they wanted to allow visitors to “pledge” for a green Monday online and have the option of subscribing to its mailing list. And time was a scarcity (like always) – we only had less than three weeks to get everything in place.

:. The ARTualization
The first draft was ready in a week’s time for review. We included a prominent pledger counter on the homepage together with a pledge form that syncs with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database. Users are required to confirm their email addresses before being added to the mailing list.

We also included a site search powered by Google for those who prefer to pin-point instead of browse.

A Facebook page, group Twitter account set up, site traffic tracking and reporting as well as search engine optimization were all part of the package.

Visit the Green Monday website: http://www.greenmonday.org.hk and make sure to take a look at the gorgeous/colourful/mouthwatering Recipes and Restaurants page.