:. Client – Diamond Cab (Hong Kong) Ltd.

:. Type – Web Development

:. Introduction
Diamond Cab is a brand new social venture providing point-to-point transportation for wheelchair users. It provides not only an exceptional and unique wheelchair-accessible and barrier-free taxi service, but also high standard of professional transportation for people in need. Not only are the Cabs equipped with wheelchair-accessible ramps for easier boarding, but Diamond Cab emphasises a high level of professionalism and care in its drivers’ treatment of all passengers. Diamond Cab hopes to energise the taxi industry by frequently adopting innovative ideas.

:. Client brief
Diamond Cab approached ARTually to explore how we could manage its online presence. It wanted a website that is both static and dynamic. On one hand, detailing its company information and booking instructions, and on the other, managing membership registration and online enquiries. Diamond Cab also wanted to utilise social media networks, e.g. having a Facebook page, Twitter account all integrated into the website.

:. The ARTualization
We built the website out of PHP and CSS within a week’s time. Three days after the website went live, Google included it into its results (thanks to our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts). Currently, the website ranks #1 for “diamond cab” in Google Hong Kong and Yahoo Hong Kong.

We also installed tracking codes to measure the sources of traffic and how many pages visitors browse. Web development at ARTually is a continuing process, where we constantly engage in fine-tuning to maximise our clients’ success.

Visit the Diamond Cab website: http://www.diamondcab.com.hk