:. Client – International Market Development and Investment JSC

:. Type – Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Stationery, Packaging, Powerpoint Template, Brochure Design

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:. Introduction

International Market Development and Investment JSC (MDI Vietnam) is a Vietnamese social entrepreneurial company specialized in equitable trading and consulting in the agriculture and handicraft sectors in Vietnam.

The company is committed to the development of the rural sector in Vietnam, and believes that the best way to accomplish sustainable development is by doing business in a fair and ethical way with people in the sector.

MDI is specialized in equitably traded agricultural products including tea, cashews and coffee.

Among other achievements, MDI Vietnam is the first company from a developing country to be licensed to process, develop and sell Fairtrade labelled products.

To better establish its brand as the forerunner and leader in its locality and to launch itself into foreign markets, MDI Vietnam commissioned ARTually for a complete solution.

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:. Client brief

MDI Vietnam requested a new logo that spells out the idea behind a social enterprise to its customers, highlighting the element of community development while carefully avoiding a mistaken impression of being an NGO. MDI Vietnam also emphasized the need of conveying a sense of strength, credibility and reliability in the logo that could go with letterheads, product packages and websites. The client also requested designs for a brochure, letterhead and envelope, Microsoft Powerpoint templates, coffee package, cashew package and a couple of posters for the upcoming Food Expo 2008 to be held Hong Kong.

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:. The ARTualization

We began our brainstorming session with plain paper and colour pencils. As James was stationed in Vietnam for an internship during that period, he did some market research by riding through the streets of Hanoi and also visited the Vietnamese borders where MDI Vietnam’s partners are located to better appreciate the culture of the local populace. Early sketches were drafted on a trusty BMX bicycle, while concepts for packaging was done during the long 14-hour trips to the Chinese-Vietnamese border province of Lai Chau.

MDI Vietnam is a socially aware company that sprouted from a simple concept yet grew beyond the borders of its motherland. Initially sketches ranged from combinations of the company’s initials, ambigrams of the initials with a river flowing in between, to simplified versions of the field, the use of different complex forms of the all-encompassing hand, until we finally settled with a prototype of what is now the new logo.

Realizing that the cliches of swooshes, waves with sans serif on shadows or 3D effects have been overused in the era of Web 2.0, and that elements like humanoid figures, hands and globes are synonyms to NGOs, ARTually utilized an abstraction of the letters MDI in the logo to create an image of a green 3-leaved branch that brings out the company’s strong agricultural background and high involvement in the betterment of farmers on the brink of poverty. Bold and sturdy touches were given to the curves to give a sense of strength and credibility, while the use of two shades of green instills a flavour of trendiness without going over the edge. The font choice was the cheap yet effective typeface of Walkway indicating the firm’s practicality, perseverance and credibility.

We maintained the professionalism and style for the rest of the publications for MDI Vietnam. This included the company’s letterhead, envelope and posters.

Powerpoint template:

Posters, Envelope and Letterhead:

ARTually also redesigned the packaging for the company’s cashews and coffee beans.

The bold execution of the company brochure was commented as “the best of all designs” in International Food Expo 2008 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

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:. ARTually received

The new identity exceeded the client’s expectations and helped propel MDI Vietnam to become one of the largest social enterprises in Vietnam.